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The IDEA Online Resource Guide is an excellent source for locating best-of-breed providers of services, products and technology to the district energy industry.

Water Treatment Systems

Chem-Aqua is a full-service water treatment company specializing in cost effective, efficient, custom designed water treatment programs for commercial, institutional and industrial facilities. Chem-Aqua takes a value-added approach to water treatment with programs designed to protect equipment investments and improve their overall utility consumption.

2727 Chemsearch Blvd.
Irving, Texas 75062
(800) 527-9921
(972) 438-0801 fax
E-mail: CASales@nch.com
Contact: Patrick Guccione


ChemTreat, Inc.
ChemTreat, a division of Danaher, is one of the world’s largest providers of water treatment products & services. Customers benefit from ChemTreat programs with improved operating efficiencies, controlled maintenance costs, and reduced energy & water consumption. ChemTreat customers throughout the world save millions of gallons everyday as a result of properly engineered water management technologies.

4461 Cox Road; Suite 300
Glen Allen, Virginia 23060
(800) 442-8292
(800) 648-4577 fax
E-mail: jaclynnp@chemtreat.com
Contact: Jaclynn Peterson


GE Power & Water
GE\'s Water & Process Technologies business brings together experienced professionals and advanced technologies to solve the world\'s most complex challenges related to water availability and quality, increased productivity and cost reduction, and environmental regulations.

4636 Somerton Road
Trevose, Pennsylvania 19053
(612) 338-4489
(612) 338-3427 fax
E-mail: brian.settle@ge.com
Chicago, Illinois
312-896-9184 fax
E-mail: hugh.miranzadeh@ge.com
Contact: Hugh Miranzadeh


MIOX cooling tower water treatment creates value for our customers by reducing costs, improving process efficiency, increasing worker safety, and reducing carbon footprint. Using food grade salt (yes, table salt!), MIOX electrochemical generators create your cooling tower water treatment biocide each day to keep your tower free of bacteria and biofilm. The MIOX solution can be fed directly into the tower sump or injected into the circulation loop from a buffer tank, and can be controlled by your existing control system, ORP or chlorine analyzer, and link to DCS or SCADA.

5601 Balloon Fiesta Parkway
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87113
E-mail: aileen.culling@matthey.com
Contact: Aileen Culling


Nalco Company
Nalco\'s dedicated college/university business group is the leading water treatment group for all your water needs. Nalco has specific training/certification, cooling and boiler programs that provide a return on your investment. Using our Six Service Standards, you can count on consistent service and the best technology to support your operational needs.

1601 West Diehl Road
Naperville, Illinois 60563
(630) 305-1419
(630) 305-2991 fax fax
E-mail: sspiwak@nalco.com
Contact: Steve Spiwak
P.O.Box 17063
E-mail: gbingel@nalco.com
Contact: Gerhard Bingel


Sustainable Water
Sustainable Water specializes in water management solutions for campuses, office parks, hospitals and other bulk users of water. We help our clients minimize risk and save money by developing impactful and cost-effective water solutions including decentralized water treatment technologies for water reclamation and reuse, utility water optimization and other various water conservation techniques.

4860 CoxRoad
Suite 120
Glen Allen, Virginia 23060
E-mail: jonathan.lanciani@sustainablewater.com
Contact: Jonathan Lanciani


US Water Services
US Water Services is a water treatment provider specializing in chemical, equipment, engineering, equipment service and consultation services provided individually or into one integrated package tailored to meet your specific needs. Whatever your water treatment needs, US Water Services has the knowledge, expertise and service available to guarantee results and satisfaction.

330 South Cleveland Street
Cambridge, Minnesota 55008
(866) 663-7632
(763) 689-3660 fax fax
E-mail: info@uswaterservices.com
Contact: Karen Danielson




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