Speaker Resources

Speaker Resources


Thank you for participating as a speaker at CampusEnergy2021. Here you will find the necessary resources to enable a seamless presentation. 

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Thank You For Speaking!

IDEA is honored to have so many industry experts participate as presenters, speakers and panelists for CampusEnergy2021.. While this year's event will be a little different than years past, we feel confident that the technical program is as robust and diverse as it has ever been.  Thank you for sharing your expertise!

Pre-Recorded Session Instructions

If you are a pre-recorded speaker, congratulations, your work is (almost) complete!

Your presentation will go ‘live’ at the time indicated on the educational session. Attendees will be able to access the room 5 minutes before in a ‘waiting room’. Once your presentation goes live, attendees will see the video player, where your recorded presentation will play, a PDF of your PowerPoint slides, your bio, and Q&A section.

Attendees can submit questions in the Q&A section during your presentation, however you will not be able to answer them during the session, nor will you be able to interact with them during the presentation. IDEA will collate the questions for you to provide written responses, then IDEA will publish them on the session page and email session attendees as well. You can also connect with the attendee directly if they

As an attendee, you are welcome to view your own session live.

Instructions for Live Presenters

If you are speaking live at CampusEnergy2021, the fruits of your labors are soon to be realized! IDEA staff, CVENT (our event collaborator, 

One Week Before CampusEnergy2021
You should have received two invitations, via email that will be critical to your presentation
  • Speaker “Green Room” invite- the Green Room is essentially the "check-in" where you, other presenters in your session, Moderator, IDEA Staff, and CVENT technician will meet to check your audio and video and take attendance. Please log in to the green room no later than 30 minutes before your session.
  • A Zoom invite, which is where you will broadcast your presentation in the CampusEnergy2021 Attendee Hub. Please log in to your session zoom room no later than 20 minutes before your session start time. CVENT tech will once again perform a general review of everyone's responsibilities and program flow and gives cues as to when the session will be going live.

During Your Presentation

  • IDEA staff will advance your slides – don’t forget to say “next slide” so we advance your presentation.
  • Stick to the 25-minute (maximum) time limit – no exceptions!
  • Look for time reminders in the chat window from the moderators.

  • Will be held in the final 10 minutes of the session
  • Moderators will come in on screen and pose questions that were submitted during your presentation

Speaker tips, do’s and do not’s:

  • For a refresher, IDEA has published the live speaker training presentation you attended, both the slides and the video recording,. We have also linked to a Speaker Cheat Sheet for more specifics.
  • If you have additional questions, please contact Scott Szycher at scott.idea@districtenergy.org.


Moderator Training Video & Slides


Workshop Registration

Workshops are available as an addition to conference registration or as a stand alone purchase. Prices are per individual workshop. Two separate workshops will be offered. 

Registration Type

(in conjunction with conference registration)

Workshop Only


$99 per workshop $199 per workshop
Non - Member

$149 per workshop $249 per workshop