Sean Casten

Rep. Sean Casten

IDEA is pleased to welcome Representative Sean Casten as the keynote speaker at IDEA2020 Virtual Town Hall. Sean Casten represents Illinois’ 6th Congressional District, located in suburbs west of Chicago, and is serving as a freshman in the 116th Congress.  As a scientist, clean energy entrepreneur, author, and now as a Member of Congress, Casten has dedicated his life to fighting climate change.

About Sean Casten

Since taking office, Sean has introduced and cosponsored legislation in support of clean energy, women’s rights, protections for seniors, and universal health care, among other critically‐important issues.

Sean currently serves on the House Financial Services Committee, the Science, Space, and Technology Committee, the Select Climate Crisis Committee, and is a Co‐Chair on the New Dems Climate Change Task Force.

Prior to his election to Congress, Sean co‐founded and led Recycled Energy Development, which focused on recycling wasted energy and converting energy facilities to cleaner, more economic uses. Earlier in his career, he served as the president and CEO of Turbosteam Corporation, which used energy recycling technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Sean has also advocated for clean energy policies and has authored articles on clean energy technology, energy policy, and energy regulation. While working diligently in Washington on behalf of the 6th District, Sean is committed to keeping in close contact with his constituents, and hold frequent town halls so that he can remain in touch with the views of people across the district.

Sean and his wife Kara live in Downers Grove, Illinois, with their two daughters.