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The technical program for IDEA2024 is rich with diverse content you can't find anywhere else in the industry. You'll gain insights and best practice guidance from industry experts with 'been there, done that' experience.

We are putting the finishing touches on the program, but the session listed below, sorted by topic, are part of our preliminary program.

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District Cooling & Thermal Energy Storage

Water Conservation & Optimization Strategies

Optimizing District Cooling Systems through Digital Twin and Machine Learning: A Framework for Implementation within the BIM Process in UAE

Nanofluids Applications for District Cooling 

A Brief World Tour of Unique Thermal Energy Storage Installations

Decarbonizing District Energy Using Thermal Batteries

Utilizing Recycled Water in District Cooling Plants: A Case Study of Success in Water-Scarce Regions

Superior Cooling Tower Treatment That Won’t Adversely Affect Environments

Water Conservation Through pH Control

Distribution Systems & Customer Buildings

District Energy & CHP Case Studies in Cities, Communities and Campuses

District Energy Transmission Line Planning in an Urban Environment - Considerations and Evaluation

Looking through a long-term lens: Modeling district energy service demand through 2050

A Plan to Reach 5th  and 6th Generation District Heating and Cooling plus Thermal Energy Storage at Massachusetts Institute of Technology by 2035 

Flexing CHP to Complement Renewables in Real-Time

Microgrids & Distributed Generation

Controls, Monitoring, Metering, Optimization & Energy Management

Microgrids and Decarbonization – Myths and Realities

Hybrid Energy Solutions for Sustainable Cities

Microgrids and on-site power generation for Data Centers

Design and Cost/Benefit Considerations for Building and Owning a Campus Microgrid that Maximizes Renewable Energy

Data: the First Step in Your Decarbonization Journey

Supervisory level Artificial Intelligence Controls - The Impact of Machine Learning on thermal stability, energy efficiency and sustainability within a large campus chiller loop

The Cyber-Security Expedition: Mapping Out Critical Control Safety

Policy Opportunities

Public Private Partnerships to Accelerate Energy Infrastructure

The Push for Electrification -- Status, Challenges and Strategies

Maximizing the Tax Benefits in the IRA

P3 delivery: faster schedule and lower cost by shifting O&M risk

Establishing Public / Private Partnerships to expedited District Scale WET projects

Electrode Boilers

System Expansion, Modernization & Renewal

Advancing Energy Transition: Comparing Electrode and Resistive Boilers for Sustainable District Energy

Utilizing Existing Utilities to Transform Campus Utilities 

Emerging Technologies

District Systems Scale Driving the Energy Transition

Financial cases for hydrogen boilers

Power-to-x-to-power project with a 100% H2 turbine

Wastewater Heat Recovery District Systems: An Opportunity to Drive Energy Resiliency, Savings and Decarbonization

Princeton Tiger Project

Geothermal and Geo-Exchange

Smarter Cities & Resilient Energy Infrastructure

U.S. DOE Community Geothermal Heating and Cooling Design and Deployment Status

Hybrid Geothermal Systems for Campuses

Reinventing Urban Sustainability: Eversource's District Geothermal System in MA

Distributed geothermal supply, demand and adoption modeling for evaluating potential of ambient loop district heating and cooling systems

Large Heat Pump Integration with Multilateral Closed Loop Geothermal Systems

Geothermal for district cooling 

Decarbonizing downtown Denver with an ambient loop geothermal system

Transforming the Bellingham's Waterfront District with District Energy 

Leveraging a Modular Approach to Improve Resiliency and Modernize Aging Infrastructure

Proactive Assessment of Climate Change Impacts – MIT Heat Impacts Case Study

Accelerating Cities Decarbonization Plans from Concept to Action

Decarbonizing with District Energy

The New Carbon Frontier: Integrating Embodied Carbon in Energy Planning

Revolutionizing District Energy with a Strategic GHG Integration Program

The Evolution and Decarbonization of Dockside Green's District Energy System

Developing Enwave's ESG Report 

De-Carbonizing with District Energy

Indirectly Decarbonizing District Energy

City of Oneonta, NY – Decarbonizing from Natural Gas: Comparative Analysis of Thermal Energy Network Alternatives

Maximize Decarbonization of Electric Grid by Turbine Inlet Cooling of District Energy Systems 

Large Heat Pumps & Energy Recovery Technologies 
including Waste Heat/ Recycled/Recovered Heat

Steam Heat Pumps & District Applications 

Decarbonizing a District Energy System with Large-Scale Heat Pumps

Electric Boilers and Thermal Energy Storage

Large Seawater Heat Pump with CO2 as refrigerant

Natural Refrigerant Heat Pump For District Energy Systems

District Connected Heat Pumps at the Royal York Hotel

First year operating insight from a large heat pump producing 170F heating water

Enabling Ambitious Climate Action Goals at the University of British Columbia (UBC) with District Energy

Reusing the energy of the district cooling system in the district heating network

Decarbonizing Toronto General Hospital - Converting DE Steam to Low-carbon
Hamilton's Electric Shift: Transforming District Energy with E-Boilers & Heat Pumps

Thermal Energy Networks  in Rochester, MN

MAN Energy Solutions to examine the use of an industrial-scale Steam heat pump for Fonterra

Harnessing Hidden Energy: Wastewater Heat Recovery at lelәm Development

Using Wastewater as a Thermal Source for District Heating/Cooling

Decarbonizing Life Science with Sewer Heat