What to Expect at IDEA2024

Why Attend?


"I went to the IDEA conference and it was the best conference I've ever been to. The collection of people who participated represent the best-in-class for large scale engineering and energy-related topics. The dedication to developing next generation energy infrastructure is contagious and invigorating."

District Energy for Sustainable Cities

The theme for IDEA2024 is "District Energy for Sustainable Cities," appropriate as cities and communities renew their commitments and redouble their efforts to decarbonize.
At IDEA2024, you’ll hear from industry peers and experts, discover groundbreaking technologies, and connect in thought-provoking discussions with over 900 colleagues from across the industry. You’ll find out ‘what’s next’ in district energy and leave energized to make a difference for the communities you serve.
Home to Walt Disney World and many other theme parks, Orlando has long been the city where imagination comes to life. What better place to convene and discuss the imaginative ideas and dream innovations that are moving district energy forward? And with the host hotel located at SeaWorld Orlando, you'll be able to enjoy a little R&R afterhours, reconnecting with colleagues and perhaps enjoying some away from the office time with your family.
Registrants will be able to connect directly with expert presenters and panelists, with access to the full program virtually.  Very often, IDEA member organizations send multiple registrants to attend concurrent topic tracks.  Ask IDEA about volume discounts for multiple registrants from the same company.
Join us for IDEA2024 as we convene to build a sustainable world!

Special Content for Thermal Energy Networks (TENs)

If you are with a natural gas or electric utility, regulatory agency or policy-making entity with responsibility for oversight or launching a thermal energy network (TEN), the IDEA conference & trade show will provide timely, real-world expertise on multiple technologies with direct access to experienced industry partners.
IDEA2024 will cover a range of low-carbon community-scale solutions like industrial heat pumps, electrification, networked geo-exchange, lake water cooling, thermal storage, small modular reactors and sewer heat recovery.   We bring together experts for peer exchange, education and awareness on policies, technologies and best practices.  
The June 17 pre-conference workshop, “District Energy for Sustainable Cities” will provide insight and deeper dialogue on planning, evaluating and implementing low-carbon community-scale solutions.  
District energy systems are adaptable, flexible and scalable.  There is not a “one-size fits all” approach.  Workshop participants will hear about assessing and optimizing around local resources to benefit multiple stakeholders and creating economically sustainable businesses. 

Collaboration. Conversation. Community.

Collaboration, conversation and community. It's what sets IDEA Annual conferences apart from other events. IDEA2024 brings together thought leaders from around the globe, to share ideas and experiences. It's a forum to discuss successes and challenges, to learn from one another and always with the common goal of moving the industry forward

At IDEA2024 you'll meet with stakeholders in district energy, CHP, and microgrid industries. They come from the public and private sector, working in cities, communities, campuses, hospitals, military bases and airports. Like you, they are focused on building a better tomorrow today. Come hear their stories - and contribute your own. Working together and learning from one another has never been more critical. 

Expert Presenters with Real World Experience

At IDEA2024, you will hear from more than 100 expert presenters from all facets of the industry, delivering insight and analysis you can’t find anywhere else. 

In panels, workshops, presentations, and forums, you’ll hear from presenters who have “been there, done that”, sharing practical, real world experience in building systems, spearheading innovation, and changing the status quo. And our pre-conference workshop will allow you to take a deeper dive and participate in conversations with industry experts.

Simply put, be ready to tap into a bottomless reservoir of expertise and leave with a better understanding of what to do, how to do it - and even what not to do.


Who Will I Meet?

This is our 115thCampusEnergy conference and the connections you make will be memorable and lasting.

Through our educational sessions, bustling exhibit hall, and relaxing evening events, you will meet with and learn from CEOs, VPs, and other senior management professionals, project engineers, managing directors, consultants, sales managers, and many more. 

Simply put, if you’re new to district energy or IDEA conferences, you will be amazed by how much you will learn. If you’re a veteran of the industry, you are guaranteed to learn something new.

Explore the Latest Innovation in the Exhibit Hall

Considering the high level of expertise and innovation on display, we like to think of the exhibit hall at IDEA2024 as an extension of our educational program. Where else can you get hands on access to the latest technologies and cultivate strong partnerships that will ensure your next project is a successful one?

This year’s exhibit hall features the highest caliber manufacturers, suppliers, and service contractors. If you’re looking for companies with success and an impeccable reputation for designing, constructing, and installing systems across North America and around the world, then IDEA2024 is where you’ll want to be.


Tours of Nationally-Recognized Systems

Technical Tours will visit two of OUC's cooling plants - the Downtown North Plant and the Universal Studios Plant.  

All Technical Tours include a Breakfast & Technical Tour Orientation at the Renaissance where you can enjoy breakfast while tour hosts share brief overview presentations of the systems you will visit on the tour. 

Space is limited - you must be signed up to attend the main conference program to attend a tour.