Virtual Training Symposium Speakers

Part 1: Understanding the Role of Geothermal in District Energy

As communities, cities and towns and campuses pursue strategies for meeting their de-carbonization goals, they are exploring the opportunities provided by both open and closed loop geothermal systems in decarbonizing heating and cooling systems.

Featured Speakers

Worthington__Mark.pngMark Worthington, Underground Energy
Geothermal 101

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Anderson_Arlene.pngArlene Anderson, U.S. DOE Geothermal
Technologies Office
GeoVision: Harnessing the Heat Beneath Our Feet for District Heating

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Amanda Kolker, National Renewable Energy Laboratory 
Comparison of Recent Deep Direct-Use
Feasibility Studies

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Jonathan Passmore, GI Energy
The Geothermal Road to Absolute Zero:
A Tale of Two Cities

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Moderated by
Laxmi Rao, IDEA

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Part 2: Getting Geothermal Right

A panel discussion of experts and system owners on Getting Geothermal Right will provide insights into the many dimensions needed to successfully implement Geothermal systems, including design concepts, integrating into existing District Heating network, rightsizing, planning and phasing for future growth, stakeholder management, financing and operations and maintenance.

Featured Panelists


Daniel Dixon, Lincoln Electric Systems

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Tom Nyquist, Princeton University

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Alen Postolka, Lulu Island Energy Company

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Ken Smith, Ever-Green Energy

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Jeff Urlab, MEP Associates

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