Opening Plenary Panel Discusson

Opening Plenary Panel Discussion
District Energy: De-Carbonizing Campus Communities
Tate C
Tuesday, February 28 8:20-9:30am

This year's Opening Panel Discussion is one you will not want to miss, featuring campus leaders delivering key insights you are not going to hear anywhere else.

As we all know, campus energy systems vary in size, scale and configuration. The pathway to a lower carbon future often involves a range of solutions and technologies, reflecting regional energy differences and the prescribed pace of de-carbonization. 

The panelists for District Energy: De-Carbonizing Campus Communities will discuss planning, strategies and different approaches including integration of renewables, fuel-switching, optimization and the importance of education and awareness among stakeholders. The panelists include (left to right, top row to bottom row in the graphic above):

  • Ruth Bennett, Senior Director, Capital Programs, Tufts University
  • Suzanne Kitten, Managing Director Utilities, Texas Tech University
  • Jennifer Meisenhelder, Director of Engineering & Energy, University of Florida
  • Tom Nyquist, Executive Director, Campus Energy and Engineering, Facilities Department, Princeton University
  • Shantel Smith, Deputy Director Utilities Management, University of Wyoming
  • David Woodson, Executive Director Campus Energy, Utilities & Operations, University of Washington

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