Speaker Resources

Speaker Resources


Thank you for participating as a speaker at CampusEnergy2023. Here you will find the necessary resources to enable a seamless presentation. 

Register as a speaker

Thank you for speaking!

IDEA is honored to have so many industry experts participate as presenters, speakers and panelists for CampusEnergy2023. We received a record setting number of abstracts for this conference! We are excited to bring you another hybrid event, and feel confident that the technical program is as robust and diverse as it has ever been.  Thank you for sharing your expertise!

Speaker Deadlines

Submit Signed Speaker Contract - Friday, October 21, 2022
Registration & Payment Deadline
- Friday, November 18, 2022

PowerPoint & PDF Presentation Submission Deadline - Wednesday, January 11, 2023
Video Presentation Submission Deadline - Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Please note registration payments must be received by the deadline or IDEA reserves the right to increase the invoice amount at the prevailing rate.

Presentation Format

IDEA must receive your presentation files by Wednesday, January 11, 2023, so that we can review and approve your content.

 PowerPoint Format Requirements:

  •  IDEA recommends using the CampusEnergy2023 PowerPoint Template for your presentation. While you are not required to use it, please review as it does map out the flow of the presentation. Whether you use the template or not, we ask that your presentation slides begin with the first slide in the template deck (the slide including the meeting image).
  • PPT should be in 16:9 widescreen presentation ratio.
  • Font size on slides should be no smaller than 25 pt.
  • Slide content must be presented and written in English.
  • Your presentation is slotted for a total of 25 minutes. Please plan for 18-20 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of Q&A with the audience, this should amount to 20-25 slides including:
    • The first slide in the template should be the first slide in all presentations.
    • The second slide should include your presentation title, company name(s) and logo(s), and name of the speaker(s)
    • One or more slides introducing the problem
    • Solution slides featuring a Case Study/Project
    • Lessons Learned
    • A “Q&A” Slide (see second-to-last slide in attached PPT file)
    • Thank You Slide with company logo, speaker name(s) and contact info

Content Requirements:

  •  Case studies and project data must be included. Please present technologies, equipment, tools, etc. within the context/application of a case study/project.
  • NO COMMERCIAL CONTENT ALLOWED (e.g. equipment/product cut sheets, product catalogs, company profiles, “About Us” slides, marketing slides)
  • No speaker photos. Speaker photos and bios will be made available on the IDEA2023 website and event app.
  • No comparisons to other vendors’ and/or competitors’ products.

Quick Links

Recording Your Presentation

For CampusEnergy2023, we are requiring ALL presenters to send us a pre-recorded version of their presentation. This is what the virtual attendees will be able to view on the virtual conference platform, Attendeehub,

Please do not record your presentation until your Powerpoint file has been submitted and approved by the IDEA team. 

Your presentation will go ‘live’ at the time indicated on the educational session. Attendees will be able to access the room 5 minutes before in a ‘waiting room’. Once your presentation goes live, attendees will see the video player, where your recorded presentation will play, a PDF of your PowerPoint slides, your bio, and Q&A section.

Attendees can submit questions in the Q&A section during your presentation. You will have the ability to go into the AttendeeHub to answer the questions anytime after your live presentation ends. You can also connect with the attendee directly if they leave their contact information. 

As an attendee, you are welcome to view your own session at any time.