Plenary Panels

Powering the Future with District Energy/CHP/MIcrogrids

Tuesday, September 28 - 8:10 – 9:10 am CT     
Opening Plenary Panel Discussion 1 – Powering the Future with District Energy/CHP/Microgrids
– Ballroom A

This panel discussion will feature industry innovation, strategies to enhance efficiency and resiliency, and deployment of technologies to reduce carbon emissions and support community environmental targets.  District Energy/CHP/Microgrids are a proven approach to provide reliable, efficient energy services to campuses, communities, cities and clusters.  What is needed to unlock and accelerated deployment of district energy?  Is accounting for carbon the principal metric going forward?  As extreme weather events multiply, how will community leaders embrace district energy/CHP/microgrids to support their local economies and keep citizens safe? 

Invited panelists include:

  • Justin Carron, Segment Director, Eaton
  • Doug Castleberry, President & COO, CenTrio Energy
  • Scott Clark, Vice President, Burns & McDonnell
  • Jim Lodge, President, Clearway Community Energy
  • David Musto, President & CEO, Thermo Systems
  • Juan Ontiveros, Associate Vice President for Utilities and Facilities Management, University of Texas, Austin

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Global Leaders Discuss Industry Innovation & Investment

Tuesday, September 28 9:15 am – 10:15 am CT   
Plenary Panel Discussion 2 – Global Leaders Discuss Industry Innovation & Investment
–     Ballroom A

This panel will widen the lens to look at trends and opportunities beyond the US and assume a more global view.  What are the emerging industry innovations likely to impact the near future?  What strategies are emerging that serve to increase efficiency and increase resiliency?  Are new technologies emerging to reduce carbon emissions and support community environmental targets, or is the primary challenge to drive investment in district energy to accelerate scale and increase market share?  What policy drivers are working today in Europe, the Middle East and Canada, but are not yet effecting US market conditions? 

Invited panelists include:

  • Ahmad Bin Shafar, CEO, Empower
  • Khalid Abdullah Al Marzooqi, CEO, Tabreed
  • Samuel Chatterton, Vice President, Johnson Controls
  • Carlyle Coutinho, President & CEO, Enwave Energy Corp.
  • Krishnan Iyer, President & CEO, Creative Energy
  • Chris Potter, Director of Utilities and Power Plant Operations, Architect of the Capitol
  • Michael Schack, Group Director Operational Marketing, Engie
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District Energy: Where Do We Go From Here?

Wednesday, September 29 4:15 pm – 5:15 pm CT    
Closing Panel Discussion –
District Energy: Where Do We Go From Here?

Looking ahead to 2030 and beyond, how will district energy evolve to support local economies, deliver energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions?  What technologies will help to accelerate the energy transition?  How will public and private actors converge or collaborate to drive innovation?  What are the areas of uncertainty or policy impediments that demand collective focus and action?  How can IDEA members actually “power the future”?

Invited panelists include:

  • Lalit Agarwal, Executive Director, University Operations, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
  • Dan Dixon, Manager, District Energy Corporation
  • Joan Kowal, Senior Director, Energy Strategy & Utilities, Emory University
  • Allison Porter, Director of Sales Operations, Vicinity Energy
  • Derek Rudd, President, Hartford Steam Company
  • Mark Spurr, Vice President, FVB Energy
  • Paul Zmick, Senior Associate Director, UVA Energy & Utilities, University of Virginia

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