Travel & Transportation

International Travel


IDEA is proud to be an organization that represents a diverse membership from over 25 different countries around the world. Our conferences have always been and will always be open to anyone who has an interest in district energy, regardless of immigration status or nationality. We will strive to assist anyone traveling internationally to an IDEA conference by providing any and all information and support that we are able.

Air Travel

The Denver International Airport is the official airport of CampusEnergy2020, located northeast of downtown Denver and about 40 minutes from the Sheraton Denver Downtown. The terminal is comprised of 3 concourses and has service on 23 airlines. 

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Ride Sharing Apps

Mobile App Services are readily available to connect travelers to ride sharing companies that provide service to the Denver metro area and surrounding counties. These ride sharing services match passengers with drivers who request rides through the companies’ mobile apps.

The pick up location for Uber and Lyft  is located outside Baggage Claim Door #4.

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Taxicabs are readily available and provide service to the Denver metro area and surrounding counties. There is a flat rate charge (one-way fare, airport access fee already included) for popular destinations, including $56.03 to Downtown Denver. Fares to all other metro area destinations are based on the taxicab’s meter.

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