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DE & CHP: Smart Tools in a 111(d) Toolbox

This IDEA white paper describes how District Energy/CHP systems can cost-effectively cut emissions, strengthen grid and support state compliance plans with 111(d).

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IDEA releases letter on bill to weaken PURPA

IDEA opposes S.1037,which would eliminate requirements for utilities to purchase power from qualifying facilities under PURPA.

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Mass. Microgrids: Overcoming Legal Obstacles

Emmett Environmental Law and Policy Clinic of Harvard Law School summarizes the legal constraints on the ownership of microgrids in Mass.

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10 Reasons for CHP in State Clean Power Plans

PEW Charitable Trusts Clean Energy Initiative Report:  10 reasons why states should include CHP in their clean power planning process.

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Master Limited Partnerships Parity Act Reintroduced

Master Limited Partnerships Parity Act would give renewable energy projects access to a tax advantage currently available only to oil, gas, and coal projects.

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IDEA supports UN's District Energy in Cities Initiative

The UN's District Energy in Cities Initiative's SE4ALL District Energy accelerator can play a critical role in addressing climate change," said IDEA's Rob Thornton.

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Community Microgrids Guide — FREE download

This new authoritative guide for mayors and city leaders explains why CA, MA and NY offer substantial incentives to develop microgrids, and much more.

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IDEA comments on Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act

IDEA applauds EPA for its systems approach in Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act that would allow & encourage States to include CHP as a compliance measure.

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AGFW to present 70/70 Strategy at IDEA2015

The 70 most populous cities in Germany will be able to achieve the target of becoming climate neutral with the "70/70" district energy/CHP strategy. 

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Microgrid systems that raise the bar

Select microgrid case study presentations from IDEA Conference Proceedings explore their planning, design, construction, financing and operation.

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NY PUC adopts Reforming Energy Vision (REV) plan

The N.Y. PUC has issued an Order adopting regulatory policy framework & implementation plan for REV to modernize the state's energy grid.

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Boston retains Energy Efficiency Crown

Boston again took top place in the 2015 City Energy Efficiency scorecard just released by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

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