Think Microgrid: The local energy revolution

Think Microgrid publishes new report, “The Energy Efficient Microgrid: What Combined Heat & Power and District Energy Bring to the Microgrid Revolution.”

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Ontario announces CHPSOP 2.0

Ontario Power Authority CHPSOP 2.0 program will support gas-fired CHP facilities up to 20 MW that qualify as District Energy or Agricultural Industry Projects.

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USGBC: How green is your microgrid?

The Princeton University microgrid is connected to a 5MW PV array located southeast of campus in West Windsor Township, New Jersey. 

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Princeton Univ. microgrid: resilient & efficient

Since Hurricane Sandy, Princeton University's efficient microgrid has become a national example of how to keep the power running when disaster strikes. 

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IDEA supports UN's District Energy in Cities Initiative

"Through SE4ALL, the District Energy in Cities Initiative can play a critical role in addressing climate change," said Rob Thornton, IDEA President & CEO.

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Penn State converting from coal to natural gas

Penn State Univ. removing 3 coal boilers & old nat gas boiler; installing 2 new nat gas boilers & 2.6 miles of new distribution pipe; GHGs to drop 50%.

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Montpelier VT Heating on Wood

"Downtown Montpelier will be spending less on heat then they were before, because this plant is so efficient," said City Manager Bill Fraser.

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Boston microgrids vs. utility franchise rights

Contrary to popular belief, utility franchise rights aren't a big obstruction to microgrids in Massachusetts, says Harvard Law School study.

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UN: St. Paul District Energy a global leader

District Energy St. Paul was recognized as an industry leader in a recent report on the potential of "District Energy in Cities" by the U.N. Environment Program.

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District Cooling is the way forward.

Jasim Thabet: "It's not only about having strong contracts...it's also about having the moral obligation to support District Cooling and to apply it wherever it makes sense."

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Community Energy Guidebooks: U.S. & Canada

FREE download: New IDEA pubs provide guidance on local district energy project development process in U.S. & Canada, in a form accessible to lay readers.

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District energy: coming to a community near you

District energy soon could spread from colleges & downtowns to a corporate campus near you. In Guelph, Ontario, it's already happening.

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