Opening Plenary Panel Discusson

Opening Plenary Panel Discussion
A Bridge to the Future
Grand Ballroom Salon A

Wednesday, February 21, 8:30 – 10:00 am PST

As we do at every Campus conference, the main program will kick off with a panel discussion featuring leaders from campuses around the country.
The panel will feature campus energy leaders from across the country who will share their perspective on the energy transition and what’s ahead at their institutions, including two who represent a combined 33 campuses across our host state of California; Sally McGarrahan, Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities Services, University of California, Berkeley and Lindsey Rowell, Chief, Office of Energy, Sustainability & Transportation, Office of the Chancellor, California State University,
The other panelists include:
  • Gerry Hamilton, Director, Facilities & Energy Management, Stanford University
  • Tom Nyquist, Director of Facilities Engineering and Campus Energy, Princeton University
  • Mary Quintana, Director, Asset Management & Utilities, Brock University
  • Ron Saporta, Chief Operating Officer, University of Toronto
  • Megan Sterl, Director, Engineering & Utilities, Montana State University
  • Paul Zmick, Director, Engineering & Utilities, University of Virginia
The hour and a half discussion will cover the technologies these campus energy leaders are implementing, evaluating and planning for their systems, and the principal drivers behind those plans. 
The discussion will also focus on the challenges these energy system leaders are facing as they work to construct that bridge to a decarbonized future, their relationships with other stakeholders along the course of that journey and the advice they have for other campus and district energy professionals as they look to navigate a similar road.