Experts Delegation

Experts Delegation


This group of district energy industry experts from the USA, Canada and Europe are part of a delegation supporting high level exchange of clean energy technology and business best practices with the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Their participation in the conference and availability to conference attendees as part of a “District Energy Town Hall” are underwritten with the generous sponsorship support of IDEA member and conference host Empower Energy Solutions of Dubai, UAE.

Ander_Bruce.jpgBruce Ander, President & CEO, Markham District Energy
Markham, Ontario, Canada

  • Integrating CHP with district cooling for mission-critical world-class research customers, hospitals and urban clusters.
  • Deployment of an innovative photo-bioreactor process at district energy system scale to capture and transform CO2 emissions into algae-based superfoods while reducing emissions.

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Borer_Ted.jpgTed Borer, Energy Plant Manager, Princeton University
Princeton, New Jersey, USA

  • Design, construction, optimization and emergency operations of highly resilient district energy/CHP/microgrids for mission-critical campuses, military bases and research institutions, including emergency preparedness and business continuity strategies.
  • Integration of renewables, energy efficiency, thermal storage, and advanced control systems to dramatically cut peak power demands and save millions in operating expenses.

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Kowal_Joan.jpgJoan Kowal, Senior Director of Energy Strategy & Utilities, Emory University
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  • Utility and infrastructure master planning, design and system optimization. Strategic engagement and business best practice with local utilities.
  • Deployment of innovative water reclaim technology for campus waste water, displacing nearly 100% potable water use by campus utilities and dramatically enhancing campus water and energy infrastructure.

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Lodge_Jim.jpgJim Lodge, Vice President, Thermal, Clearway Energy
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

  • Design, construction, operation and maintenance of large scale downtown district cooling systems, with special focus on ice storage.
  • Business best practices of commercial district cooling systems, including development strategies, public/private partnering, risk management and negotiating long-term customer agreements.

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Lutsch_Werner.jpgWerner Lutsch, Managing Director & CEO, AGFW and President, Euroheat & Power
Frankfurt, Germany

  • Innovative clean energy/climate policies and utility industry best practices driving investment in district energy in Germany and across Europe.
  • Technology innovations and recent European investment in urban district cooling systems with focus on de-carbonizing and emissions reduction.

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Lyons_Chris.jpgChris Lyons, Manager, Strategic Growth & Special Projects, Solar Turbines
San Diego, California, USA

  • Applications of combined heat & power (CHP) with district cooling to optimize efficiency, reduce emissions and provide optimum resiliency.
  • Adapting innovative and alternative fuels to integrate energy generation and storage (thermal and electric) for cities, communities and campuses with special focus on warmer climates.

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Nyquist_Tom.jpgTom Nyquist, Executive Director of Facilities & Campus Energy, Princeton University
Princeton, New Jersey, USA

  • Integration of renewable energy with highly-efficient district energy/CHP plus thermal storage to maximize operational reliability, business continuity and overall system resiliency.
  • Optimizing district energy assets through advanced controls to dramatically reduce peak power demand on the grid (27 MW to 1 MW); reduce emissions and save millions of dollars per year.

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Ontiveros_Juan.jpgJuan Ontiveros, Associate Vice President for Utilities, Energy & Facilities Management, University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas, USA

  • Fast track design and construction of large scale district chilled water facilities to support mission-critical healthcare and research.
  • Application of district energy system modeling tools to optimize capital and operating budgets, energy purchasing strategies and system efficiency for enhanced reliability and energy savings.

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Smith_Bob.jpgBob Smith, Vice President, RMF Engineering
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

  • Design, construction and optimization of district energy/CHP facilities serving mission-critical operations (research institutions, healthcare, industry and military bases).
  • Innovative project design utilizing natural gas combustion turbines, thermal energy storage, biomass and alternative fuels, renewables and energy recovery to achieve meaningful environmental goals and emissions reductions.

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