Nina Axelson, Ever-Green Energy

Nina serves as the Vice President of Public Relations for Ever-Green Energy, with responsibility for government relations, communications and marketing, customer relations, community outreach and education, and general public affairs for the energy utility operations. Axelson also serves as an ambassador for energy advancement and education through her work facilitating seminars, presentations, and facility tours focused on renewable energy, solar thermal technology, and district energy business development.

Nina is also involved in building national and international partnerships to help advance community energy systems and create more opportunities for integrated system development through policy and planning. Axelson also leads efforts to create a more competitive marketplace for district energy utilities and earn an increased market share for the company’s utility providers.

Prior to joining Ever-Green in 2008, Nina worked for 10 years in community and business development with a focus on energy and the environment. Before joining Ever-Green, Nina served as an independent consultant to facilitate the community advisory process for a state-funded renewable energy study, managing stakeholder issue management and communications. Previously, she worked for Best Buy Inc., developing a corporate social responsibility program, which initiated and promoted company standards for manufacturing, real estate, energy management, procurement, and community relations and human resource best practices. While at Best Buy, she also managed a multi-million dollar diversity giving program.

Nina has a BS in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies from the University of Minnesota College of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Sciences.