Technical Tours

Technical Tours


Thank you for your interest in attending the CampusEnergy2019 Technical Tour. As of 14 January, the tours have been fully subscribed and the waiting list is also at full capacity. We are sorry we cannot accommodate additional registrations at this time. As the tour date approaches, IDEA staff will be in contact with those already registered for the tour to confirm participation and will notify those on the waiting list as status is updated. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Each tour will visit Enwave New Orleans & Tulane University before letting participants off at the airport and returning to the Hilton New Orleans Riverside.
Due to space limitations, tour registrations are limited and must be completed in advance of the conference. A waitlist will become available as tours reach capacity.

Enwave New Orleans

Enwave New Orleans serves the mission-critical New Orleans Regional Medical Center and nearby commercial buildings. The company’s 26,000-ton chilled-water plant with ice storage technology provides chilled water for air conditioning to more than 12 million sq ft of building space within a 15-square-block area. The company also provides steam to critical buildings in the district.

Tulane University

The plant operations department is responsible for the operations of a combined heat and power plant that provides electric power and steam heat and chillers that provide cooling.

The power plant has a peak load of 7 MW and a power generating capacity of 5 MW. The plant operations department has 5 centrifugal chillers with a total combined capacity of 11,000 tons, two gas fired boilers and one-heat recovery boiler, used to generate the steam that is required to heat the campus buildings, and research centers. These boilers have a total steam generating capacity of 102,500 lbs. per hour.

The utilities section of plant operations is responsible for providing utilities for the university 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The Central Cooling/Heating Plant, provides cooling and heating for about 85% of the buildings on campus. 

Tulane_aerial_of_plant.jpgAerial view of the Tulane Combined Heat and Power Plant