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Industry Sign-on Letter in Opposition to HR 4476 

01-18-2018 12:24

Rob Thornton, IDEA

Legislation is being considered in the US House of Representatives (H.R. 4476 – “PURPA Modernization Act of 2017”) which would significantly limit use of Qualifying Facility (QF) status under the Public Utilities Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA).

Although the intent of this legislation appears to be focused on revising PURPA regulations related to small power producers  (renewable solar), IDEA has signed on to an industry letter stating our opposition to the proposed legislation, principally out of concern that revisions to PURPA could be a “slippery slope” and lead to unanticipated restrictions on QF Cogeneration Facilities in place at IDEA member locations. 

Toward that end, IDEA is seeking up to date information from among our member systems if you own or operate a QF facility. 

Please notify Rob Thornton or Paige Davis if you currently own or operate a Qualifying Facility under PURPA.   We are seeking to update our industry information on QF facilities in the district energy industry. 

As defined at FERC, there are two categories of Qualifying Facilities:

  • “Cogeneration facility” and
  • “Small power production facility” is defined as a generating facility of 80 MW or less whose primary energy source is renewable (hydro, wind or solar), biomass, waste, or geothermal resources.

Please advise IDEA if you have any QF facilities in either category.  Thanks very much.


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