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By District Energy posted 06-20-2017 13:11


Steve Lee, Chartered Institution of Waste Management (CIWM) Journal
June 15, 2017


R&WUK director general, Steve Lee, says the resources sector needs the sort of stability the post-election policy landscape isn’t providing right now. So, he looks to the big picture, anticipating a renewed focus on carbon and climate driving the sector’s long-term decisions.

The General Election 2017 has come and gone. Given the rather uncertain outcome it might just come back, who knows?

But at time of writing it’s fair to say that we are left with a complex political environment and an equally complex environmental policy landscape. That matters because this industry is almost entirely policy-driven and our lead times for infrastructure and service changes are long.

We need the sort of stability that doesn’t seem to be on offer at the moment. Except, hopefully, for the really big picture of climate change. I anticipate a renewed focus on carbon and climate driving our medium and long-term decisions.

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