Energy co-ops are on the rise – and they are coming together to innovate

By District Energy posted 06-28-2017 19:26


Paul Monaghan, COOP News
June 27, 2017


Energy co-ops are in a bullish mood and are focused on sector-wide growth.

Last week, I attended the General Assembly of REScoop – the European federation of renewable energy co-operatives – on behalf of Co-op Energy and also as an elected director of Community Energy England.

One of the discussion points was that around half of the European Union population will be producing their own energy in the next 40 years, according to the European Renewable Energies Federation.

The figures predict that over 264 million European citizens could produce their own energy in 2050, meeting 45% of Europe’s electricity demand. The discussion was all very upbeat and heartening, although all gains made to date are still in play, with legislative proposals subject to amendments from the European Parliament in the near future.

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