Feds boost three City of Richmond environmental projects

By District Energy posted 06-28-2017 19:13


Richmond News
June 27, 2017


The City of Richmond received $327,000 from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Green Municipal Fund for a trio of planning projects.

“The City of Richmond is strongly committed to sustainability and is constantly looking for innovative ways to reduce or mitigate the environmental footprint of our community and its local government,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie. 

“The Green Municipal Fund has allowed us to develop solid planning in support of major upcoming infrastructure projects and has also supported our continued award-winning pursuit of alternative, sustainable energy sources.”

The fund provided 50 per cent of the funding for the following three planning projects:

- A solar energy feasibility study for the new Minoru Centre for Active Living

- A brownfield site assessment remediation action feasibility study for the planned Middle Arm Waterfront Park and River parkway

- A Micro Sewer Heat Recovery District Energy Utility feasibility study.

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