Siemens starts field tests of high efficiency GT technology

By District Energy posted 08-08-2017 10:55


Modern Power Systems
Augsut 8, 2017


Siemens, a member of IDEA, has started field trials of its next generation gas turbine technology. Following component testing and prototype testing in its own facilities, the company is now pursuing validation under real field conditions with the start of testing of its HL-class technology at Duke Energy’s Lincoln County site in North Carolina.

Siemens describes the technology as an evolutionary development step derived from its SGT-8000H model. The HL-class is said to combine ‘a series of new but already tested technologies and design features with the best of past experience’– resulting in a technology carrier to the next level of efficiency and performance.’ The development of the HL-class is ‘clearing the way to efficiency levels beyond 63 % with a mid-term goal to reach 65 %’.

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