Commercial property energy conservation measures and combined heat and power technology

By District Energy posted 09-19-2017 00:00


Nancy Colella, NYREJ


Commercial property owners are the true stakeholders toward making a difference to the future propensity of a sustainable lifestyle push on Long Island, for Long Island. With the highest taxes in the nation, Long Island’s commercial ownership elite are the gatekeepers to the communities’ future conservation and sustainability efforts. These top brass principals have the ability to lead by example by fortifying the community’s economic health-by supplementing and adding capital back into the economy by way of perpetual savings, in the hundreds of thousands per property, by simply adding clean energy technologies. Additionally, from a corporate social responsibility and environmental prospective, commercial buildings release the highest degree of contributions to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by sector. As published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it states, when the emissions from electricity were studied by the end-user criteria sector, industrial activities account for a much larger share of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, thereby indicating commercial and residential buildings report an increase, substantially when emissions from electricity are included, due to their relatively large share of electricity consumption (e.g., lighting and appliances).

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