Why Microgrids? It’s All in the Name

By District Energy posted 09-21-2017 00:00


Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge


When Steve Jobs released the first iPhone ten years ago, Bloomberg predicated only “a few gadget freaks” would find it appealing. Bloomberg wasn’t alone. Many other reputable analysts failed to foresee the iPhone’s appeal and how this small device would redefine markets.

Who knew a little box could do so much – be a phone, but also a banking device, a news feed, a library, a camera, a stereo, a television. Who knew it would make paper maps near obsolete? Who knew the masses would like it so much?

Today’s microgrids are analogous to the iPhone in many ways.

First, both are small units and can do a lot. Just as an iPhone (or Android) is a phone but more, a microgrid is a power generator but more. Microgrids create shelters in a storm. They can manage energy pricing, guard against cyber threats, orchestrate a myriad of energy resources, provide grid services, store energy and save energy. They can enable renewable energy use on the grid and reduce carbon dioxide .

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