Work starts on city's £52 million district heat network

By District Energy posted 09-29-2017 11:32


Phil Corrigan, The Sentinel


Work has finally started on Stoke-on-Trent’s pioneering £52 million district heat network.

Around 700 metres of pipe will be laid underground on Leek Road and Boughey Road in Shelton over the next 11 weeks – with 4km due to be installed around the University Quarter in the coming year.

Once the initial scheme is operational next autumn, buildings in the area will be able to connect to the network for affordable and low maintenance heating and hot water.

This first phase will be powered by a gas boiler, set to be installed in Seven Arches Way, off Leek Road.

But the network is due to be linked to a geothermal plant by 2019, which will provide sustainable heat energy from deep underground, potentially reducing the city's carbon footprint by 12,500 tonnes a year and insulating customers from fuel price fluctuations.

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