Harvard survey: Only one-third of businesses have developed resiliency plans

By District Energy posted 10-05-2017 13:47


Cody Boteler, Smart Cities Dive


A recent survey of Harvard Business Review readers showed that businesses across the U.S. are interested in improving their energy efficiency and their resiliency in extreme weather events, yet only one-third of businesses have done so. According to the survey, business leaders are worried about interruptions from cyberattacks on the power grid, weather-related power outages and the effect of fluctuating energy prices.

Over 75% of respondents said they expected growth in the solar industry sector; 64% said they expected growth in energy from natural gas; 49% said they expect growth from wind energy and 49% said they expected growth in the conversion of waste-to-energy. The biggest driver of on-site power generation was reducing energy costs, followed by increasing operating resiliency. Reducing carbon emissions came in as the third-biggest reason to pursue on-site power generation for businesses.

Nearly 90% of respondents said that government should provide tax incentives and research funding for innovation in sustainable energy and that private businesses should work with municipal governments to assure both parties achieve operational resilience. 

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