Renewable heat projects along Danube River

By District Energy posted 12-28-2017 00:00


Baerbel Epp, Solar Thermal World

Danube RiverPhoto: iStock/_ultraforma_


DanubeHeat helps small and medium enterprises, research and educational institutions, and public agencies draft EU funding applications. Financially supported by the German education ministry and coordinated by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE based in Freiburg, Germany, it consists of a network of thirteen SMEs, research and educational organisations, and municipal administrations. They are from various countries along the Danube River, such as Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Moldavia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine. 

“We intend to create at least three project applications for European funding. If they are approved, we will start implementing several technological approaches,” said Sandrin Saile, Project Manager at Fraunhofer ISE. “Solar thermal energy for heating and cooling will be a crucial part of DanubeHeat.” Saile hopes that the new endeavour will be “a useful tool for exchanging experiences and knowledge between stakeholders from industry, research and politics.”

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