Filings Offer Clues to Harvard’s Vision for Allston ‘Enterprise’ Campus

By District Energy posted 01-05-2018 00:00


 Truelian Lee and Jacqueline P. Patel, The Havard Crimson

SEAS Allston Construction

Construction in Allston.  ANNIE E. SCHUGART


New documents Harvard filed with Boston’s urban planning agency last month offer a glimpse into the University’s plans for its “Enterprise Research Campus,” a proposed 36-acre center for entrepreneurship in Allston.

The area will largely serve as a “venue for research-based businesses,” according to the filings. But Harvard’s long-term vision for the campus also centers around transportation: The University intends to expand existing public transit options and create an environment more friendly to bikers and pedestrians.

The 59-page document—titled the “Enterprise Research Campus Framework Plan”—also includes an entire section devoted to Harvard’s strategies for minimizing the impacts of climate change.

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