Smarter energy management delivers reliability, efficiency and cost savings

By District Energy posted 02-14-2018 16:08


Andy Low, Network Asia


Electrical power is essential. From the time when our alarm goes off in the morning to when we turn the lights off at night, we use electrical power. Residences, businesses, healthcare, community infrastructure and educational institutions all rely on power.

In the face of natural calamities, grid outages, instabilities, cyber threats and other events, there is a need to be smarter and more cost-efficient on how power is generated, managed and distributed.

With increased capacity of solar, wind, energy storage, combined heat and power (CHP) and other distributed energy resources, there is an opportunity to optimize energy to support resiliency to critical areas. In addition, as technology and material costs for solar PV and energy storage have improved, it is now possible to generate reliable energy to improve grid resiliency at competitive market pricing levels.

Over the last decade, microgrids have become an increasingly compelling means to not just keep the power on, but also to manage distributed energy resources and energy costs.

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