The Mediterranean Helps Boost the Energy Needs of Marseille

By District Energy posted 04-11-2018 00:00




The Mediterranean has become even more important for Marseille. France's second largest city keeps growing and energy needs follow that growth. New needs that could have a solution in renewable sources of energy, such as the sea.

The energy released by the difference in temperature between a loop of seawater and a loop of fresh water is used to cool or to heat a whole neighbourhood. This project, called Massileo, benefits from European funds. It has developed technologies never applied on this scale before.

It is in a district of 2.7 hectares, which includes a hotel, apartments and offices which have already been built. More than 750 people already benefit from the energy network. It is eco-sustainable and intelligent because buildings can transfer energy between them. Living or working in such an environment sows the ecological seed.

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