Milestone for CHP in German 'bioenergy village'

By District Energy posted 06-07-2018 09:37


Tildy Bayar, Decentralized Energy


Since 2011, an energy self-sufficient village in Germany has generated 1500 MWh and 3600 MWth with a biomass-based combined heat and power (CHP) system.  

The system from Lower Bavaria-based biomass CHP specialist Spanner Re2 supplies the Bioenergiedorf (Bioenergy Village) Engelsberg in the Bavarian municipality of Lauterhofen. The installation includes a wood gasifier and runs on locally sourced wood chips.

According to Spanner Re2, the village has featured a wood chip heating plant since 2006. But "our wish was to generate not only heat but also electricity from wood," said Mayor Ludwig Lang and Willi Locker Baumamt, director of the market town of Lauterhofen.

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