Enwave Wins Bid for South Australia District Energy System

By District Energy posted 07-31-2018 00:00


Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge

district energyCreative Commons photo provided by The Lead South Australia


Enwave has won a bid to install a district energy system that incorporates one of Australia’s largest rooftop solar arrays for the Tonsley Innovation District in Adelaide, South Australia’s capital city.

Enwave Energy plans to invest about $40 million over a 50-year period on photovoltaics, battery storage, smart technologies and future electrical assets at the site, according to Enwave Australia CEO Cameron Evans.

“We take a long-term view of these projects, which enable us to build our return over a long time,” he said.

The district energy project will include 20,000 solar PV panels, with a 6 MW capacity, and eventually battery storage.

Evans noted that the district’s on-site power offers it greater energy reliability, along with the ability to secure competitively priced energy.

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