Advisian, WorleyParsons, and XENDEE Announce Exclusive Partnership

By District Energy posted 10-10-2018 16:26


Press Release

Advisian, WorleyParsons and XENDEE are connecting their complementary strengths to answer the need for fast, affordable and reliable microgrid feasibility studies, and optimized, bankable energy projects. 

“This partnership is truly aligned with our strategy and vision to support our communities and customers to meet the world’s changing resource and energy needs,” says Gareth Evans, Advisian’s Vice President of Power & New Energy.

XENDEE’s award-winning team has developed an advanced toolkit for microgrid and distributed energy system design and optimization.  Advisian will support roll out and scaling of the XENDEE capability worldwide, offering significant value to end users, owners, and investors of distributed energy systems. WorleyParsons will leverage its global expertise in engineering and implementation to develop and deliver project execution plans that focus on on-time delivery, improved performance, risk reduction, and lower costs. Together, they are now offering complete turnkey solutions with up to 90% reduction in time to results for energy system feasibility studies and engineering design.

According to Advisian’s Director of Smart & Distributed Energy, Tristan Jackson, “Using the XENDEE platform, complex energy systems can be designed in hours to days rather than the industry standard of weeks to months. As well as being an order of magnitude faster, XENDEE designs are bankable and auditable, giving confidence and certainty in least cost, best fit, and profitability.” 

Adib Naslé, CEO of XENDEE, says “I couldn’t have found a better company to work with than WorleyParsons. Their vision of a brighter energy future coupled with their superb capacity to deliver anywhere in the world is important. But most of all, they see what needs to happen and they have a strong thought out plan for how to get there. I’m very excited for what we can do together, for all of our stakeholders, and for businesses and communities around the world.”

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Tristan Jackson
Director, Smart & Distributed Energy