"Energy security is the alpha and omega of our strategy"

By District Energy posted 11-07-2018 13:11


Darius Snieckus, RECHARGE


The decision to title the energy transition strategy approved by the Seimas [Lithuanian parliament] in June as an “energy independence” plan is a clear statement of intent. Could you outline the thinking that led up to the creation of this document and the assumptions behind the target of having 45% of total electricity coming from renewable energy sources by the end of the next decade, rising to supply 80% of total energy consumption by 2050.

This new strategy was adopted after six years of discussion and debate, replacing our previous one from 2012, and so extends our energy security agenda, but also aligns to our key ambition of greater [domestic] power production and shows our dedication to renewable energy, whether wind, solar or biomass, to, practically, 2030, and by some guidelines, through to 2050. And it was a good sign that it was approved almost unanimously in our parliament.

Next year we are moving forward to having our first technology-neutral tenders to support the 520MW of wind we now have in installed capacity and build on the 90MW of solar. Biomass remains the main source of power for our district heating systems, where we are now at almost 70% of our capacity [with remaining 30% gas].

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