Geothermal energy could help meet 30% of demand for district heating in Turkey

By District Energy posted 11-26-2018 00:00


Alexander Richter, Think Geoenergy


Turkey could fuel up to 30% of its district heating demand with geothermal energy and save up to 20% of its gas imports, so the Consul General of Denmark to Turkey.

According to Danish Consul General Anette Snedgaard Galskjot, Turkey could cut its gas imports by 20% and meet up to 30% of its heating demand for district heating utilising geothermal energy.

Highlighting the importance of district energy, she highlights the role of utilising surplus energy from power plants or renewable energy sources, such as geotheraml in providing economic and sustainable energy.

About 69% of Denmark’s population uses district heating and about 100% in its capital city of Copenhagen, essentially helping households to save about 40% in expenditure for heating due to higher efficiency.

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