IDEA Endorses Bipartisan Financing Our Future Energy Act

By District Energy posted 06-06-2019 10:18


Senators Chris Coons (D-DE) and Jerry Moran (R-KS) and Representatives Mike Thomson (D-CA-05) and Ron Estes (R-KS-04) are leading the Financing Our Energy Future Act (formerly known as the Master Limited Partnerships Parity Act) to be presented to the 116th Congress.

The core purpose of the bill is to level the playing field for clean energy projects by giving investors access to a tax-advantaged corporate structure currently only available to fossil fuel-based energy projects. With certain expiring tax provisions, the Financing Our Energy Future Act could meet a growing demand for a permanent renewable energy tax incentive.

A broad, diverse group of supportive stakeholders – from businesses and trade associations to think tanks, unions, and advocacy groups – has been key to this bill’s success thus far and will be critical in order for the bill to become law.

For more information read the Financing Our Energy Future Act fact sheet created by the offices of the Senators and Representatives leading the bill.