IDEA publishes "District Energy - A Key Component to Infrastructure Renewal"

By District Energy posted 09-09-2021 09:47

At IDEA, we believe that investing in district energy infrastructure will strengthen our cities, communities and campuses. 
To (literally) illustrate this, we have produced this short but effective video, District Energy - A Key Component to Infrastructure Renewal, for you to share with customers, colleagues, government leaders and the investor community. 
Our hope is this video will help showcase the important role district energy plays in a clean energy future by creating good-paying jobs while cutting carbon emissions and enhancing resiliency through a wide-range of solutions.

Click the image below to watch the video.

Want your own personalized version?
IDEA has created a second video version to enable IDEA member organizations to insert their logo and URL at the end, to help spread the word.  If you are an IDEA member in good standing, and would like to customize the ending with insertion of your logo, please reach out to Jason Beal at We will be happy to provide a custom version for your use.