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Rocky Mountain Institute and Partners Awarded $450,000 Research Grant to Stop Power Outages at Airports

By Microgrid Resources Coalition posted 07-17-2018 00:00


Rocky Mountain Institute


Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and partners were awarded a $450,000 research grant from Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) July 17, to develop an airport microgrid implementation toolkit that will help airports avoid power outages and prevent massive associated flight cancellations. The microgrid toolkit will offer a suite of reference materials to help airports launch microgrid stakeholder engagement processes and to understand microgrid planning, design, deployment, and maintenance.

While a few airports, like San Diego International and Denver International, have energy microgrids already installed, for hundreds of others there is no specific guidance and minimal experience. An on-site microgrid can generate, store, and dispatch their own electricity. This way, if a power outage occurs in the grid the airport’s power supply would remain unaffected.

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