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Plans for a Solar Microgrid at Capitol Hill Community Center Will Power Building, Through Rain, Shine...or Disaster

By Microgrid Resources Coalition posted 07-10-2019 14:38


Emily Piette, Capitol Hill Seattle


Seattle’s community centers provide a lot of simple but important things to their neighborhoods including recreation and meeting space. But they could also help the city develop strength and resilience in a future of extreme weather and in emergencies like a giant earthquake.

Seattle City Light is partnering with Seattle Parks and Recreation to implement a first of its kind solar microgrid at Capitol Hill’s Miller Community Center.

The microgrid involves more than solar panels as a battery energy storage system and microgrid controls will also be installed.

The planned system will provide backup power storage necessary to keep the community center functioning during windstorms, power outages, and other emergency events.

“The project will empower a community to recover quickly from unplanned emergency events and gain technical knowledge on the installation and operation of a microgrid system,” Seattle City Light says about the project. “Analytics from the microgrid resiliency project will allow the City of Seattle to research and develop similar technologies.”

Along with providing the community center with a reliable power source, the microgrid is part of larger resilience projects in Seattle. The University of Washington will gather data analytics from the microgrid after its installation to help shape the planning.

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