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Microgrids and Neighbourhood Power Sharing Set to Transform How We Use Energy

By Microgrid Resources Coalition posted 12-03-2019 13:13


Jess Davis, ABC News


The ability to transport electricity long distances transformed the way we live, bringing cheap energy to people's homes.

But technological advances are causing ruptures in the traditional power grid and changing the way energy is produced and shared.

Microgrids and smart energy systems are predicted to be the next big thing in electricity supply — allowing us to not only produce our own energy, but also share it with our neighbours.

In the northern Victorian town of Yackandandah, the community is building three microgrid networks in its bid to become 100 per cent renewable.

Local resident Donna Jones is part of a microgrid trial, with 14 houses in her suburb set up with solar panels and subsidised batteries.

"The cost of electricity, when you've got solar panels on the roof, is already reduced because the majority of the power that you're using, you're generating yourself," she said.

The long-term goal is that the energy generated by solar panels and stored in home batteries can be shared between neighbours, even those without their own panels.

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