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Military Microgrids: Four Examples of Innovation

By Microgrid Resources Coalition posted 12-04-2019 15:21


Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge


It’s not surprising that military microgrids in the US demonstrate some of the most sophisticated and innovative uses of distributed energy. After all, they are designed with national security in mind. 

As such, they serve as a learning ground for microgrids developed for the civilian sector. Here we offer a look at four military microgrids that stand out.

San Diego’s Miramar microgrid

The Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, San Diego is an evolving project, launched with $20 million from Congress.

It includes numerous resources, among them 1.3 MW of solar PV, a 3.2 MW landfill gas project, a 6.45 MW diesel and natural gas plant, 1.6 MW HVAC demand response, 157 kW thermal energy storage, EV charging station control, 3 MW ff energy storage (microgrid system level), 390 kW building level energy storage (Lithium-ion and zinc flow batteries and vehicle-to-grid bi-directional hybrid vans), SCADA system upgrades, an advanced microgrid control system and an Energy and Water Operations Center (EWOC).

In addition to supplying redundant power, the microgrid is designed to help green the base’s operations, bolster cybersecurity, reduce demand charges, manage overall energy load, participate in demand response and provide grid services.

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