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Maryland Selects 14 Microgrids for Initial Project Funding

By Microgrid Resources Coalition posted 06-12-2020 17:22


Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge


Maryland yesterday announced winners in its resilience solicitation, 14 facilities that speak to the range of operations now pursuing microgrid projects — from marginalized neighborhoods to food production operations to a marine terminal.

The winners will divvy up $1.05 million provided by the Maryland Energy Administration’s (MEA) Resilient Maryland program. The funding will go toward completing detailed feasibility analyses, engineering, planning, and designs, positioning them to seek financing.

In all, the program attracted 25 microgrid proposals from a broad geographic and socio-economic swath of Maryland.

“The response to this pilot was incredible, in fact, it was one of our most popular programs this year,” said Mary Beth Tung, MEA director.

Brandon Bowser, state energy program manager, said in a blog about the program that Maryland sought to create replicable and scalable microgrid models. The state anticipates continuing the program next year with knowledge gained from this year’s projects.

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