Best Practices - Energy Measurement with Ultrasonic Meters-An Insights and Innovations Webinar

When:  Jan 27, 2021 from 13:00 to 14:00 (ET)


Summary: HVAC represents one of the largest costs of operating and maintaining commercial and institutional properties. A top priority of facilities is the need for more reliable and accurate BTU metering. Good and reliable information can help reduce the amount of energy used by operating more efficiently. This can help reduce operational costs and improve revenue allocation.

In this presentation we will discuss the costs associated with delivering thermal energy and how good BTU metering can help efficiency and revenue allocation.

Learning Objectives:

Costs associated with delivering thermal energy
The attributes of ultrasonic flowmeters for BTU measurement?
How a clamp-on flow meter works.
Why is it so important to meter very low flow rates.
The importance of matched temperature RTD's for BTU measurement.

Applications: University, Commercial and Institutional.


Izzy Rivera
Director of Technical Operations
Product Manager Energy / Gas

Izzy is a co-founder of FLEXIM AMERICAS a subsidiary of FLEXIM GmbH, a Berlin based company that specializes in the manufacturer of flow measurement and process analytical instruments. Izzy Rivera has been involved with ultrasonic flow measurement for 40 years, spanning the history and development of this technology. He was involved in the development of the 1st fully integrated ultrasonic thermal energy meter, the first ultrasonic clamp-on gas meter, and the newly introduced clamp-on steam meter.

Guest Speaker:

Tim Angerame
Chief Operating Officer

Tim Angerame, Chief Operating Officer, joined utiliVisor in 2006, he has been instrumental in the implementation of our energy metering and energy plant services, both in the Northeast and throughout the continental United States. His focus has been in the development of energy projects as well as developing business growth with our partners across the country to impart the utiliVisor business model.

Prior to joining utiliVisor, Mr. Angerame sailed as a licensed Third Assistant engineer and worked for York International in Manhattan as a sales engineer in the Applied Systems group for five and a half years.





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