Prepare your District Energy System for Artificial Intelligence Integration

When:  Feb 1, 2023 from 13:00 to 14:00 (ET)

Presented by Phaidra

The Artificial Intelligence revolution is only just beginning and the industrial sector has many production inefficiencies that AI services can solve to unlock tremendous value with little to no new hardware expenditures. Data you have been collecting and storing from your systems is a gold mine waiting to be excavated. Whether you’ve been collecting and storing sensor data for some time, just started or have yet to start - Phaidra AI and HVAC experts will walk you through what to do now to make any future AI service onboarding smooth and create efficiency gains from day one.

Background: Phaidra Co-Founder & CEO, Jim Gao, first applied an artificial intelligence agent to large water-cooled chiller systems as Google’s data center manager. Working then with Phaidra CTO and former lead engineer at Deepmind, Veda Panneershelvam, these AI Agents delivered significant energy efficiency gain and excess equipment utilization reduction within already highly optimized plant systems.

Click here to read the whitepaper Jim produced during his time working for Google.

Click here to see the case study showing 40% efficiency gains an AI Agent achieved for Google’s cooling system.

Click here to view Data Standardization Best Practices

Webinar Objective: Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how AI will be useful in their plants, how important clean available data is, and have several action steps they can take to enhance their digital transformation no matter where they are in that process.


Webinar Presenters:

Veda Panneershelvam
- Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer | Phaidra, Inc.

With a long background in computer science and distributed computing, Veda joined DeepMind in 2013 and started focusing on Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning. As a Senior Software and Research Engineer, Veda contributed to significant AI application projects including self-driving technology, AlphaGo, AlphaFold efforts and leading the integration of AI agents for Google's Data Center Cooling Optimization efforts. Veda left Google-Deepmind in 2019 with a colleague to found Phaidra, Inc and lead efforts as Chief Technology Officer.


Chris Vause - Head of Product and Solutions | Phaidra, Inc.

As an experienced applications engineer with a 20 year background in HVAC systems, software engineering, and building things at scale, Chris excels at being a change agent for outdated processes. During a 15 year career with Trane, Chris was responsible for programming controls applications for commercial and industrial HVAC projects. Internal tools he created for Trane technicians are still currently used throughout the global technician workforce.


About Phaidra: Phaidra provides an AI platform that integrates directly with existing controls governing complex industrial systems. Working with plant operators, Phaidra turns traditionally static control systems into dynamic controls capable of continuous productivity improvement. The result is an industrial system that learns, adapts and optimizes for multiple select objectives simultaneously like process stability, energy consumption and resource conservation. No new hardware required.