Mini-Master Class on District Energy

When:  Oct 6, 2022 from 13:00 to 14:00 (ET)
Please join us for a special webinar presentation, brought to you by the IDEA Young Professionals Group, for those who are new to district energy.

A recognized master in district energy, Juan Ontiveros, will break down the ins and outs of district energy from multiple viewpoints for our Young Professionals Group, YPG. Come hear his high level discussion in design, operation, and maintenance and how it evolved at The University of Texas at Austin in this one-hour webinar dubbed ‘The Mini-Master Class’.

District energy at the University of Texas at Austin was awarded ‘System of the Year’ by IDEA in 2018 and recognized as a PEER Platinum certified system. This presentation will try to pack in as much information on district energy as possible into a 60-minute experience. This presentation will have two twenty-minute halves each followed by time for questions and answers. The dynamic duo of Chases (IDEA YPG Co-Chairs, Chase Davis and Chase Dube) will be your moderators for this event.