Best Practices in District Energy/CHP: Project Life Cycles: Part 4 - Maintenance & Lessons Learned

When:  Apr 24, 2024 from 15:00 to 16:30 (ET)

Did you catch Parts 1, 2, or 3 of our Best Practices Webinar series, focusing on the initial planning and engineering of major decarbonization projects? Our amazing panelists took us through the intricacies of each phase of major decarbonization projects, and on Wednesday, April 24th the conversation will conclude with Part 4, "Maintenance and Lessons Learned" on Wednesday, April 24, from 3-4:30 ET!

In Part 1, Project Development, we covered stakeholder engagement and communications to financing and initial engineering design. Then, in Part 2 we delved more deeply into the engineering decision making process and initial construction phases. Part 3 investigated the complications of construction, including customer impact mitigation and service continuation. If you didn’t get a chance to call in, or would like to revisit the conversations, you can find recordings at

• Ted Borer, Princton University
• Meghan Riesterer, CenTrio
• David Woodson, University of Washington
• Paul Zmick, University of Virginia

Part 4: Maintenance and Lessons Learned will uncover each presenter’s recommendations for systems at the beginning of these daunting processes, and reflect back on the progress of the first three phases.

This webinar series is being produced as part of IDEA’s cooperative agreement through the US Department of Energy, Verification and Validation of Performance with Dissemination of Best Practices in District Energy and CHP for Enhanced Resiliency, Energy Efficiency. In addition, IDEA will be publishing a series of podcasts, District Energy Magazine articles, and a final report on the study findings in early 2024. Interested in a sneak-peak of the findings?

Visit and explore the interactive maps of best practices, collected case studies and the Thermal Energy Handbook!