Large Heat Pumps: Carbon Reduction with Great Economics: Real World Applications and Case Studies

When:  Nov 9, 2022 from 13:00 to 14:00 (ET)

Part 2: Real World Applications and Case Studies

Presented by Johnson Controls

Part 2 of the "Large Heat Pumps" series featuring IDEA Sustaining Sponsor, Johnson Controls, this free webinar will discuss configurations and real world application of water-to-water heat pumps, particularly medium to large capacity, with high temperature hot water. Discussions include how to demonstrate heating only, simultaneous cooling and heating, cooling only applications; system considerations including thermal energy storage tanks and geo-exchange along with things to look out for when designing, selecting, and installing water-to-water heat pumps.

Goal/Outcome: To understand the various product and application possibilities of water-to-water heat pumps for accelerated decarbonization of heating.

This webinar is a continuation of part 1 of this webinar series, "Large Heat Pumps: What is a heat pump and understanding the importance of sizing and the ROI calculator"


Rajesh Dixit, Director Product Management
Johnson Controls

Rajesh Dixit is a Chemical Engineer, and an MBA with nearly 30 years of global experience in industrial chiller and heat pump technologies. Rajesh is Director – Global Product Management with Johnson Controls, Building Technology & Solutions, based in York Pennsylvania USA. Rajesh is an active community volunteer, ex-chair of ASHRAE TC 8.3 committee and a board member of The Belmont Theater in York PA.

Kit Fransen, Director Equipment Sales Programs
Johnson Controls

Kit has spent his entire 11+ year career in a variety of product management, sales, and engineering roles at several HVAC&R manufacturers where he developed, supported, and promoted solutions for high-performance buildings. He is passionate about green building design and educating the industry on the latest innovative technologies and systems. His current role is the Director of Equipment Sales Programs for Johnson Control’s field sales organization where he is responsible for strategic initiatives and sales enablement for the equipment business. Kit earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University and currently resides in the Chicago suburbs with his wife and two daughters.

Jonathan McCrea, HVAC Equipment Sales Manager
Johnson Controls

Jon has spent his 26+ year career in a variety of HVAC sales and leadership roles with Johnson Controls, supporting our teams as they deliver high-performance equipment and controls systems for our customers. He is a passionate proponent of decarbonization and helping building owners achieve operating cost savings through innovative, energy efficient solutions.  His current role is Area General Manager of HVAC Equipment in the Southeastern US. Jon earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech and currently resides in the Atlanta area with his three daughters.