Primary-Secondary Steam District Energy Benefits

When:  Jan 25, 2023 from 13:00 to 14:00 (ET)
Sponsored By Maxi-Therm

Our First Insights and Innovations webinar for 2023 is sponsored by Maxi-Therm, and will take place Wednesday, January 25 at 1:00pm EST.
Primary-Secondary Steam District Energy Benefits will discuss approaches and features/benefits to optimize the efficiency and utilization of steam for space heating, domestic hot water, sterilization and other processes utilizing flooded steam heat exchanger technology and its impact on steam generation. The agenda includes:
  1. Overview on the flooded steam heat exchanger principles
  2. 100% steam and condensate closed loop design and benefits
  3. Hydronic hot water vs steam as the primary loop
  4. Top 5 reasons to consider steam
This content is normally presented during a 1 ½ day steam training program at the factory in Montreal. It is condensed into a webinar format and intended for design professionals, consulting engineers, energy and utility managers, district energy professionals, architects, building owners and operators, and energy efficiency professionals.  The presentation will be followed by a question/answer segment to enable deeper discovery on applications and technologies.   

Prior to the event, Maxi-Therm is inviting all attendees to watch these 2 videos in order to have a better understanding of this upcoming webinar:
Maxi-Therm technology introductory video :
Flooded heat exchanger applications guidance and efficiency/performance considerations:

Hosted by: Patrick Lach, Vice President, Business Development, Maxi-Therm

Having started his steam training at the age of 14, Patrick is now well versed in steam distribution and generation systems.

His passion for steam is apparent and he has a deep understanding of the ambitions and challenges faced in the HVAC industry. His experience has led him to collaborate with Consultant Engineering firms, Manufacturing and Repping firms, Energy Services such as ESCO, Mechanical contractors and the list goes on. He is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and helping educate others on a variety of steam applications.

" For more than 20 years I’ve heard people say that steam is a ‘dying dinosaur’. But I am a strong believer in Steam District Energy and during this webinar I intend to highlight the forgotten benefits of it and remind you how efficient it can be.

The main goal for this webinar is to present the benefits of using steam in a district energy system.  Hospitals exist to take care of people; they don’t exist to generate steam, hot water or chilled water.   Factories and high-rise buildings have a similar function and are often located near hospitals.  It makes sense to build a heating & cooling & power plant that not only supports a hospital but also many of the buildings nearby.  It makes sense to engage an independent entity like Maxi-Therm, to help figure out how best to safely and efficiently operate and decarbonize the district energy system. 

A good example of this is the New Ulm Public Utility District Steam System in New Ulm, Minnesota, a community of about 14,200 people located 95 miles southwest of Minneapolis.  The municipal public utility produces electricity for the community and distributes steam through a 6.5 mile piping network to customer buildings at 10 psig for heating and domestic hot water and 140 psig steam for industrial process uses.   To me this is the perfect solution.”

-Patrick Lach, Vice President, Business Development, Maxi-Therm