Decarbonizing with District Energy


IDEA2023 offers a full day workshop, Decarbonizing with District Energy, on Monday, June 5. Enjoy peer-to-peer conversation in this interactive in-depth workshop. 

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Decarbonizing with District Energy

Monday, June 5, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
By aggregating the heating, cooling and power needs of dozens or hundreds of buildings on a thermal energy network, economies of scale enable integration of lower-carbon solutions that may not be feasible on a single-building basis. Historically, district energy systems have adapted fuel or resource inputs to capture and optimize
for efficiency and environmental advantages, reducing transition risks for customers. Today, as more cities adopt carbon emission metrics for reporting and compliance, district energy systems can be a highly effective platform to accelerate implementation to net zero for cities, communities and campuses.

This workshop will engage practitioners and enable discussion of best practices for decarbonizing local economies. Additional fee of $300 applies if added to conference registration.