Norman R. Taylor Award

Exemplifying Individual Excellence

The award's namesake, Norman R. Taylor, was IDEA's president from 1977 to 1978, a turbulent time for the energy industry. Employed by Baltimore Gas and Electric for several decades, he retired in 1980 and became IDEA's executive director. Taylor set up the association's first office in Washington, D.C. and established the group's ties with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. Department of Energy. He was known for boldly setting goals, preparing for the future and treating individuals with genuine kindness. He passed away in 1986.

In deference to lauding past winners at IDEA's 100th Annual Conference in Washington, D.C., a Norman R. Taylor Award winner was not selected for 2009. The honor resumed for 2010.


IDEA Recognizes Ken Smith, President and CEO of Ever-Green Energy as Person of the Year with Norman R. Taylor Award

At its 113th Annual Conference in Toronto, the International District Energy Association (IDEA) presented the Norman R. Taylor Award to longtime member, Ken Smith, President and CEO of Ever-Green Energy.

The Norman R. Taylor Award, named after a former industry executive known for treating people with respect and humility, is the highest individual honor IDEA confers. IDEA President and CEO Rob Thornton presented the award to Ken at the Annual Chair’s Banquet, the kickoff event of the IDEA's 113th Annual Conference and Trade Show in Toronto, recognizing his career achievements in the district energy and tireless advocacy for IDEA and the industry.

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Past Recipients

2022  Ken Smith

2021  Mark Vogler

2019  John Andrepont

2018  Tim Griffin

2017  Joseph Brillhart

2016  Bob Smith 

2015  Steve Swinson 

2014  Stan Gent 

2013  Hemant Mehta 

2012  Juan Ontiveros

2011  Tom Guglielmi 

2010  David Woods 

2008  David Toombs

2007  Anders J. Rydaker 

2006  Robert Thornton 

2005  Joel Greene 

2004  James Young 

2003  Raymond DuBose 

2002  Monica Westerlund 

2001  Mark Spurr

2000  Richard Morgan 

1999  Tony Mirabella

1998  Richard Mayer 

1997  William Goodwin 

1996  Michael McKay 

1994  John Gray 

1993  John Kattner 

1992  Ishai Oliker 

1991  James Barnes 

1990  Hans Nyman 

1989  Thomas Casten 

1988  Kenneth Linwick 

1987  Wyndham Clarke 

1986  Carl Avers