System of the Year Award

Recognizing Excellence in District Energy

The System of the Year Award is the highest honor IDEA can confer on a district energy system. It recognizes an exemplary district energy system providing high-level performance and service that further the goals of the district energy industry

Past Winners

2018  University of Texas at Austin

2017  University of Missouri

2016  City of Richmond 

2015  Veolia Energy North America 

2014  Qatar District Cooling Company 

2013  Markham District Energy 

2012  Qatar District Cooling Company

2011  Enwave Energy Corporation

2010  District Energy St. Paul 

2008  NRG Energy Center Phoenix

2007  Consolidated Edison

2006  Metro Nashville District Energy

2006  Constellation Energy Projects & Services Group

2005  University of Cincinnati

2004  University of Missouri 

2003  Seattle Steam Company 

2001  Cornell University 

2000  Consolidated Edison

1999  Enwave Energy Corporation

1998  Trigen Baltimore Energy Corporation 

1997  University of California - Los Angeles 

1996  NRG Energy Center Minneapolis 

1994  Energy Systems Co 

1993  District Energy St. Paul 


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