BioAlert Solutions

BioAlert Solutions
2650 Rue Maximilien-Chagnon Suite #4
Sherbrooke, QC J1E 0M8
Work: 819-572-5659

BioAlert Solutions, Inc. develops practical and cost-efficient solutions to help secure cooling towers and hot water systems against legionella contamination. BioAlert equipment is an automated and connected device, directly installed on the water system that allows for real-time surveillance and just-in-time intervention to prevent any outbreak. 

BioAlert is the best management tool that helps reduce associated intervention costs, production downtime, and ensure the continuity of operations while allowing complete control over the risks associated with Legionella proliferation. Our unique solution is based on the daily-monitoring approach of the water system through chemical optimization and reduces negative environmental impact (and associated costs). 


  • Boilers & Boiler Equipment
  • Cooling Towers
  • Emissions & Environmental Controls
  • Safety & Operations